Insurance Discount Quiz

3 Minute Insurance Discount Quiz

Take the 3 minute insurance discount quiz. You may have more fun doing other things that last three minutes but none of those will help you save money on your insurance.

You should be paying % less than market rates for your insurance.

Next Steps

  • What does this number mean? This represents the discount you may be leaving on the table. What is missing, of course, is knowing what the current market is. Is your current policy taking advantage of all of your earned discounts? Click Finish below and you will have several options of finding out. Here is what those options are.

OPTION 1: Do it Yourself

  • One of those options is to get a real-time quote based on your inputs. You will see the rates live on your screen. You do not even need to talk to an agent to take advantage of this free service.

OPTION 2: Use Stealth Technology

  • You may also request that we do the work for you using our Smart Match technology. Smart Match uses just a few inputs from you on our submission form and then attempts to match your vehicles, drivers, home build-outs, and current policy coverage to our quote engine. In fact, in most cases we can email you the quotes without even talking to you over the phone.

OPTION 3: Do It Old School

  • Even in today's modern wondrous world of social media and smart screens, sometimes it is just plain easier to talk it out. I don't want to scare you, but this option means we will have to talk on the phone--DUHN, DUHN, DUHNNN!!  Call us at 602-438-9733 or have us to call you. We can either complete the quote right over the phone, schedule a time for you to come into our office, or telepathically insert the quote into your head. OK that last one isn't true.

Now What?

  • It's all in your hands now. You can go back and change your quiz answers or you can take charge and click Finish. Based on what you are seeing here, I think that you should use one of the 3 options to make sure you are getting the rate you deserve. I hope that you found this Savings Quiz helpful or, at the very least, entertaining. We are All Your Insurance, and we would like to be your agency!