When you hear the phrase home insurance, it is likely you think of a few things immediately. For example, you know that a good homeowner insurance policy is often a must-have if you also have a mortgage on your home. You know it is going to figure in any monthly budget because living without home insurance is unwise, even if you are not obliged to have it. After all, everything from natural disasters and house fires to people falling and being injured on the property can put you in financial jeopardy.

Yet, when it comes to a home insurance quote, lots of consumers are unsure how to get the best options and prices. We’re here to help with several useful tips to ensure you get a great set of quotes from which to choose.

  • Look at coverage, deductibles, exclusions and limits. Do they cover things like natural disasters? What is the out of pocket cost for you in the event of a disaster or problem? Consider all of these factors.
  • Do they discount? Whether it is a local home insurance or not, ask about a discount if you pay in full, are a non-smoker, pair a car insurance policy, or other options.
  • Be accurate with your answers – When you see the “average home insurance” prices, these are based on averages and not you specifically. To get the most accurate price for your homeowner insurance answer the questions asked honestly and accurately.
  • Consider using local home insurance providers – Huge national chains are not your only options and often, premium customer service is provided at the local level!

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